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Why Diffusers?

Why Diffusers?
Essential oil diffusers provide an effective and simple way to benefit from the therapeutic properties of pure essential oils to boost your mood and well-being.

How do Poppy KBís essential oil diffusers work?:

The common principle to the Aroma Stream, Aroma Stone and the Breathe Easy is that essential oilsí therapeutic properties are gently diffused into a room in a controlled manner - either through a gentle stream of air (Aroma Stream) or by being gently warmed and diffused into the air (Aroma Stone and Breathe Easy).

How do essential oils work when they are diffused?:

1. the essential oilís molecules are carried through your nasal cavity where they bind with specialised olfactory receptor neurons

2. a nerve impulse is sent to your olfactory bulb, and then straight to your brainís limbic system - your bodyís system which regulates mood and emotions

3. the limbic system then releases neurochemicals which are passed on to the rest of the body via the nervous system - boosting your mood and well-being

The benefits of using Poppy KBís essential oil diffusers include:

  • essential oilsí therapeutic properties and beautiful aromas are instantly diffused - safely and effectively
  • avoids the use of synthetic fragrances in your home - kinder to your body and the environment
  • mains operated - unlike traditional essential oil burners, Poppy KBís essential oil diffusers do not require the use of candles or water

    Are essential oil diffusers easy to use?

    Yes! A few drops of essential oils placed into a diffuser is all that is required. For example, feel in need of some energising? Try diffusing a revitalising pure essential oil such as peppermint essential oil. Feel in need of some uplifting? Try a beautifully uplifting essential oil such as frankincense. Here at Poppy KB, we've created three collections of essential oils: RELAX, REVITALISE & UPLIFT - each Collection containing 100% pure essential oils, organic or wild-crafted, and renowned for either their relaxing, revitalising or uplifting effects.

    Further detailed product information about the benefits of the Aroma Stream, Aroma Stone, Breathe Easy can be found on individual product pages.

    Need any help in choosing a diffuser? Please contact us. We will be happy to help.
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