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'Aroma Stream' Essential Oil Diffuser WAS £25, NOW £23

Price £23.00
ON SALE! WAS £25, NOW £23

Create an instantly therapeutic atmosphere with this highly-effective, compact, two-speed essential oil diffuser.

Here at Poppy KB, we think the Aroma Stream is a brilliant product. Why? The Aroma Stream diffuses the therapeutic properties of pure essential oils instantly throughout a room in a very gentle, controlled stream of air - all without the need for candles or water that traditional essential oil diffusers require. The therapeutic properties of essential oils can be enjoyed immediately and in their purest form.

Manufactured in the UK. Mains operated.
Approximate size:17 cms (height) x 13 cms (base diameter). Approx. weight: 750g

Benefits of the Aroma Stream include:
immediately fills a room with the therapeutic properties of your chosen essential oil(s)
essential oils are diffused without the use of heat - their therapeutic properties remaining intact
no need for candles or water to diffuse your essential oils
compact and whisper-quiet when in use
avoids the use of synthetic fragrances in your home or office - kinder to you and your environment
super-simple to use!
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'Aroma Stream' Essential Oil Diffuser WAS £25, NOW £23

Enjoy the benefits of an Aroma Stream essential oil diffuser in just a few easy steps:

1. select essential oil(s) - depending on how you are feeling
2. simply add 2-6 drops of essential oil(s) onto the Aroma Streamís diffuser pad*. You can choose to diffuse just one essential oil, or a combination of different essential oils
3. twist the diffuser pad securely into the base of the Aroma Stream
4. plug the unit in, placing it on a flat surface
5. switch on - choosing either the high or low diffuser setting
6. breathe deeply, and enjoy the therapeutic properties of pure essential oil(s)**

Please kindly note:

*one diffuser pad is supplied with each Aroma Stream essential oil diffuser. The diffuser pad can be used multiple times. A replacement diffuser pad is not required each time you use your Aroma Stream.

When using your Aroma Stream, you can choose to use a separate diffuser pad for each different essential oil that you like to use, or the same diffuser pad can be used for different essential oils. Over time, and depending on the frequency of usage, it is advisable to replace a diffuser pad.

Check out the video below for more help on how to use an Aroma Stream!

'Aroma Stream' Essential Oil Diffuser WAS £25, NOW £23

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